I've been going to Esther for about 2 yrs since we moved to Seattle. Recommended to me by a very knowledgable friend in alternative medicine, who couldn't say enough about how talented she is. It was the best advice! Esther is amazing, extremely professional, well informed, and very caring with a wonderful bedside manner. Her therapy has really done wonders for me. I'm forever grateful!

Laura B.

My family has been going to see Esther for at least 2 years, now. We have had great success with her herbal expertise! She has shortened colds, sinus infections, flus and the like, and it just feels so good to know that we are taking medicine that works with the body instead of something that masks symptoms. I am deeply grateful for Esther's presence on our healing team and I highly recommend her.

Lena C.

I've been a patient of Esther for five years. I am 62 years old, and avid snowboarder, and handball player. With Esther's assistance, this has been the healthiest time of my life. Her approach to health is holistic, a term I always scorned in the past until I became Esther's patient. Her approach to the human anatomy is no-nonsense and scientific. When she explains her treatment, she does so in terms that are clear and concise, but her treatment always emphasizes the whole body working together as a single unit for better health, not just a band-aid fix for specific ailments. I recommend Esther Garcia-Cuellar to all of my aging contemporaries for maintaining better health, and for fixing problems that might emerge as a result of living.

Wayne C.

I met with Esther yesterday for an evaluation and treatment of a new problem I'm having. I found her assessment to be thorough, her information shared with me great, the treatment effective AND relaxing, and her manner very caring. I'll be back!

Julie R.

In each session Esther treats my whole body in a caring and competent manner. While she is aware of my specific complaints, she clearly thinks and works holistically. And, she is quite adept with a needle and with the cups! I feel very well attended to.

Ed S.

No matter what the issue is; pain relief, relaxation, general “just get your body re-connected again” stuff, Esther is amazing. She is kind, effective, funny, knowledgeable, gentle, a great listener and a superb healer. I would definitely refer my friends and family to her.

Erin F.

In a community of many, many acupuncturists there are a few that stand out. Esther Garcia-Cuellar is one of them. Most likely due to her bodywork background, she has an exceptional level of understanding of the human body and she utilizes this very well in her acupuncture practice. I refer many patients to her weekly!

Dr. Ross

Esther is incredible! She is warm, kind and really takes the time to listen to her clients and get to know them. Her attention to treating the whole person is phenomenal and I always leave feeling better both physically and emotionally. Esther has been an important part of my treatment regimine for Fibromyaliga and pain management and I can honestly say that her treatments have helped reduce my need for pain medications - and have kept my immune system strong. Esther is wonderful!


The experience was calming and I enjoyed Esther's professional yet friendly approach. I highly recommend her professional services. I look forward to my future visits.


How can you beat the combination of acupuncture, cupping, electro-stim, and Kinesio Tape! Ever time I leave the office, I'm bruised, taped, and limping a lot less. Get some!

Ty S.

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