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What Is Qi? Should I Be Feeling That?

Sensations of Acupuncture I frequently have the opportunity to introduce Acupuncture to someone who has never experienced it. A large part of this includes introducing sensations felt during the insertion of the needle and possibly during retention of the needle. Generally, the sensations are new to the patient so I try to provide language to…

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How does Acupuncture work? Biochemical Soup

The basic answer to the common question about Acupuncture’s efficacy is that it enhances your body’s own regulatory chemistry, thereby, calming inflammation, promoting tissue repair and balancing the nervous system. In a word, neuromodulation. Although biochemical soup is a perfect description. Most of the research on the effects of Acupuncture began in China in the…

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The Primo Vascular System

Just when you think all anatomical structures have been identified 100 times over, a whole new system is discovered. Originally discovered and named by a North Korean scientist in the 1960’s, research on the PVS has been increasing recently. What is the PVS? The PVS is a newly discovered circulatory system directly related to the…

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Superficial Fascia

For the first week of April, I had the amazing experience of taking part in a 6-day cadaver dissection class with Gil Hedley who is a prominent figure in the field of research on fascia and a contributor at the International Fascia Research Congress. The primary attraction of doing dissection classes with Gil Hedley is…

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